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AC262-536 Liquid Dropper

AC262-536 Liquid Dropper is a non-steroidal androgen receptor, and Portugal research suggests it specifically targets the bone and muscle androgen receptors. This SARM can increase muscle growth by selectively targeting the bones and muscles.

AC262-536 Liquid Dropper Sarms 50ml – 10mg/per 1ml – 500mg per bottle


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AC262-536 liquid dropper sarms has endo-Exo isomerism chemical composition, and the endo form is the active one here. It performs the function of a partial agonist for the androgen receptor and does not show any affinity for other receptors.

Studies in animals, show it has an effect of 66% of the anabolic action of testosterone and 27% of the potency of androgens, without showing any affinity to bind with steroid receptors like oestrogen ER, mineraloid MR, glucocorticoid GR, etc. Moreover, research studies have spotted it as non-steroidal, which does not lead to side effects like an increase in liver enzymes and risks of prostate cancer.

AC262-536 Liquid Dropper Sarms

Analysis researchers have found AC- 262536 sarms has many benefits, including increased muscle growth, strength & testosterone.

It activates the muscle androgen, not the reproductive tissues like all other sarms. Research has shown that this sarm targets only the bone and muscle androgen receptors.

Ac-262,536 liquid sarm could enhance performance by giving you greater muscle strength.

Research has shown it increases fat-burning, performance and endurance levels. AC262- 536 liquid dropper Portugal research has suggested that it could be a future treatment of Alzheimer’s disease; due to its ability to promote higher spatial memory and could reduce the symptoms of this disease.

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